Friday, December 12, 2008

Nigerian Scam email for Chefs

I received this today. I have had a couple of Nigerian scam emails (I say Nigerian but this could be from anywhere, it's just that the Nigerians were the ones that made this style of scamming famous) in the past but never one that is Chef oriented. It does have the obligatory typos and charming coloquial English usage. What fun!

Hello There,
How are you doing today?.Thank you for your interest concerning our job position.We're opening a new resturant & kitchen in your location very soon & we cannot disclose the name for now due to some privacy issue.The resturant & kitchen will be open by january 2009,and i hope you can ACT very well and be one of our grate chef.You will be working 3 to 4 hrs a day 3 times a week,you will have to choose any days of the week and time that will be comfortable for you and without disturbing your full time job if you have any.We have our own cooking details and prescription for each kind of dishes that is to be prepare.Concerning your pay,you will be getting $500 per week.Your first week salary will be given to you as upfront to secure your service legitimately and to get yourself prepare and ready for the job.

You're going to receive a certified check for the payment,kindly go ahead and deposit it with your bank for verification so that the check can clear your account.Deduct your own fee for 2 weeks which is $1000 and you're going to send the rest to the interior decorator that will be furnishing the resturant.The reason why you're getting paid now is because we don't want any delay when the resturant is ready and understand that this is a help by sending the rest of the funds to the interior agent. So if you are interested in this position,kindly get back to me with the following details in order to facilitate the payment.


Thank you for your co-operation and i will be looking forward hearing back from you as soon as possible
Best Regards.
James Williams.

Does this sound too good to be true? I'll bet it is!


Angelique said...

It is DEFINATELY a mother is a personal chef and was just scammed by something similar. she was "hired" to cater a wedding dinner for someone who lives in London but was coming to Texas for her American celebration. She said she worked for Exxon who would be paying for the expenses. Exxon sent a letter along with several money orders exceeding the job costs. My mom was instructed to wire the overage back to the woman in London - who had cancelled the job saying her father died. Now my mother's bank account is almost $5,000 overdrawn because these were bogus money orders.Hopefully the bank will reimburse her but no guarantees...

Laura said...

Hilarious! The scammers not the woman who got scammed, sorry about that.

Anonymous said...

I am a private chef and may have a similar situation-from a guy you says he working for Chervon- wants to pay $50 an hour, which it a tad high and says he will send me money. I googled him name and a guy with his name is associated with Chevron- I certainly wont give out any personal info OR send any money to anyone regardless!
Chef David

Anonymous said...

So just an update on my scam, which I am 100% it is a scam-

First call the bank any check is drafted BEFORE you deposit in your account-
Which I did and I was told its a counterfeit check-!

Then forward ALL the info to the authorities-

If its too good to be true IT IS!!